The Joys of Travel Wine

So its been a long day at work, your feet are sore and your brain is frazzled. The problem is you’ve agreed to attend an event in London and you know its something you cannot miss out on. Oh god time to face the dreaded commute. But wait…what is this I see sitting so comfortably within my New Look wannabe designer bag…a perfect little but inviting bottle of wine. Boom, this is where the travel wine comes in.

Now I don’t know about you but I enjoy drinking whilst on a journey somewhere. Whether its in a taxi on a night out or grabbing a little travel wine on the way out to dinner. For example, the other day I was attending my sisters boyfriends birthday at a casino. It soon became apparent that for once I wasn’t driving but instead being driven. Well, you can imagine my excitement that I had to physically force my other half to pull over to M&S. He was thrilled with me, as usual. Anyway, I ran into the shop in my bright red jumpsuit and unnecessarily high high heels. As soon as I entered I was straight to the little bottles of beauty. There I was greeted with a crisp and cold looking bottle of 2015 Pheasant Gully.

Where to start with the description of this wine…as soon as the first drop hits your tongue there is a powerful explosion of freshness. The first drop made my taste buds zing with a wonderful lemony fragrance. That wonderful sour feeling throughout your mouth with a mixture of thank fuck its Friday. I must admit I am partial to a good Chardonnay and what a treat this was. Every drop ends with a zesty fruity flavour.

This wine in particular overall offers a crisp and dry taste. This Australian White Wine is a mixture of Semillion and Chardonnay. Semillon is usually used as a blending partner and not always typically with Chardonnay. But my golly, what a perfect partnership this is.


This bottle in particular is a 25cl size. If you are looking for extra class and maybe to share this with a friend whilst in first class, take a look at a Mini Wine Duo & Glasses set HERE. This travel wine would be perfect with a selection of salty nibbles to complete your journey. I would recommend either some salted peanuts or some Sea Salt & Malt Vinegar Kettle Crisps. Who said taste had to be at such an expense?

Wine to Make Him Feel Fine

Its Thursday Night, Friday is FINALLY on the horizon. It has been a long week and I am slowly reaching for the takeaway menu. But then it hits me…my boyfriend is in charge of cooking dinner tonight. RESULT.

After an unacceptable amount of traffic I stop off at my local Sainsburys to get the finishing touch to meal time. The wine, of course! ‘Where are you, dinner is nearly ready’ after a manic rush around the wine aisle I pick up a bottle that catches my eye. A coloured label and I was sold.

That sense of walking into the house and smelling dinner being prepared is one you just can’t describe. It almost makes me feel warm inside. My boyfriend has the job of preparing 2 dinners. A vegetarian option and his meaty option. I am greeted with a wonderful Garlic Mushroom & Halloumi Burger with sweet potato chips and homemade slaw. My slightly hungover self smiles, I needed comfort food and this was ideal. He demolished a Homemade Beef Burger with smoky bacon and cheese. (If you wan’t any recipes, you know where I am).

Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 21.13.21

Now its wine time. Tonight we are enjoying a bottle of Shiraz Cabernet 2016. I am a huge red wine fan and this was truly enjoyable. It offers so many components in terms of taste. This medium bodied wine firstly lures you in with a plum and rich cherry flavour. Suddenly you are hit by a spiced character leading onto a deep oaky flavour. As suggested by Hardys themselves, this wine is perfect with either beef or mushroom based dishes.


If you are looking for a comfortable/cosy night in and don’t want to break the budget, this wine is a MUST! At £5.25 a bottle and with such enchanting flavours you really can’t complain. Fancy getting yourself some, have a look at it HERE. You are welcome.