Swill It, Don’t Spill It

Here are some of my tips & tricks to remove these much hated wine stains.

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The Joys of Travel Wine

So its been a long day at work, your feet are sore and your brain is frazzled. The problem is you've agreed to attend an event in London and you know its something you cannot miss out on. Oh god time to face the dreaded commute. But wait...what is this I see sitting so comfortably... Continue Reading →

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3 Super Easy Prosecco Cocktails

Hello lovely people of the world. This is going to be a very short blog post just to share with you some recent Prosecco Cocktails I have enjoyed creating and sharing with my friends. I understand that nowadays time can be super valuable and you don't want to spend hours squeezing, zesting or dissecting an... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Pairings – Red Wine

Food and wine pairing is like marriage...they become elevated and prosper in the presence of each other, seeming better together than they had done alone. In order to determine a successful marriage, the idea is to firstly judge these components separately. Tasting the wine in its full glory and then again with the dish is... Continue Reading →

Partners in Wine

Sooo...it was previously my Birthday and I am extremely lucky to have such an amazing best friend. I was delighted to see that she had arranged a day of wine tasting for us, all gifted within a 'Partners in Wine' card...damn this girl knows me well! Because lets face it, if wine is involved its... Continue Reading →

Wine to Make Him Feel Fine

Its Thursday Night, Friday is FINALLY on the horizon. It has been a long week and I am slowly reaching for the takeaway menu. But then it hits me...my boyfriend is in charge of cooking dinner tonight. RESULT. After an unacceptable amount of traffic I stop off at my local Sainsburys to get the finishing touch... Continue Reading →

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